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You have options

It’s your right to choose: parenting, adoption, or abortion. We treat all options equally.

To discuss your options with a pregnancy counselor:

Call us at 503.222.9661

Text “ASKME” to 503.841.2672



Your options

Parenting - giving birth and raising a child

Adoption - giving birth and placing your child with another person or family

Abortion - taking medication or having a procedure that ends pregnancy

How our all-options pregnancy counseling works:

  • Call, text, or email us any time of day or night

  • We’ll meet you where you’re at

  • We’ll listen to your story

  • We’ll help you navigate your available options, but only the ones you are interested in exploring

  • If you choose a parenting or termination plan, we can connect you with referrals and resources in your community

  • If you choose adoption, we’ll begin the process of connecting you to an adoptive family of your choice

  • If you are unsure, we can do dual planning, or meet you for lunch or coffee

  • We can help at any point of pregnancy or delivery

  • We treat all options equally

  • Financial services are available


  • Must be located in Oregon or Washington

  • All of our services are complimentary (free)

  • Individuals of any race, ethnicity, religion, marital status, gender identity or sexual orientation in Oregon or Washington are welcome

  • Birth father involvement is not required to receive counseling services

We are experienced working with people from all backgrounds and circumstances. Boys & Girls Aid is a non-sectarian 501c3 nonprofit and provides unbiased counseling.


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We're ready to listen

To speak to a pregnancy counselor right now (any time, day or night) you can:

Call us at 503.222.9661

Text “ASKME” to 503.841.2672 or use form below

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