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Habakkuk, who likes to be call "Bakka", is a happy young man with a charming smile. He is very social, always trying to make the people around him laugh with his silly antics. Bakka is earnest when he says there is nothing he wants more than an adoptive family. He longs for a parent to play board games with, to make cookies with and to "laugh while watching TV and movies together."

Bakka says if he could live anywhere in the world, he would choose someplace sunny with a beach, like Florida! He loves wearing bright colors, which reflect his vibrant, energetic personality. He likes to cook just about anything and help in the kitchen, but... he doesn't like to eat his veggies (except for sweet bell peppers, lettuce, and corn)! He loves learning about bugs and fish and dreams of having a pet ferret someday. Bakka has a stocky, strong build. His favorite sport is baseball and he likes video games, especially Minecraft. Bakka is an excellent advocate for himself and feels comfortable speaking his mind. He reports that he really doesn't like clowns or circuses because "they are creepy". He likes to have a nightlight on in his room to help him feel cozy and safe.

Bakka would like to go to college where he could learn to be a pilot or maybe even build a rocket - cool! Bakka enjoys going to school to see his friends and socialize, despite struggling with his academic work. Bakka is receiving considerable support in his specialized school and is working to catch up to grade level. He needs parents who offer support and advocacy for his educational success. Lunchtime provides a nice, relaxing break!

There are members of Bakka's birth family who he has expressed an interest in having a relationship with after adoption. Potential adoptive families will need to consider their ability to foster these connections in healthy and appropriate ways as Bakka grows and matures. Habakkuk is legally free to be adopted.

Bakka can get distracted very easily and struggles when he's required to focus on a single tasks. He is working on navigating through strong emotions, but is learning to take some time alone in his room as a way to gather himself. Bakka has a strong sense of personal boundaries.

A family that has some experience with developmental difference and could help Bakka access the support and services he needs would be beneficial. He will need a strong advocate to help him continue to build new skills. Bakka has made progress in an environment where there is a lot of structure and clear expectations. He benefits from a consistent daily routine with reminders to complete the activities and responsibilities of daily living. He will benefit from services and supports that help him gain important skills as he becomes a young adult.

Faith and being part of a religious community is important to Bakka. Though the right family for Bakka doesn't need to belong to any particular faith community, he has expressed a desire for a family who values and identifies with his Jewish heritage and would like support in continuing to learn more about Jewish traditions, but is also just as interested in Christianity as well. Bakka has also expressed an interest in living with a family that worships regularly or who would support him in attending religious services, whatever the faith. He needs a family open to helping him explore these interests and beliefs.

Bakka hopes to have a family with parents who will love him and spend time with him. He hopes they have lots of time to spend with him and help him to learn and grow. Bakka prefers to be and would do best as the only child in a home, or to have only older siblings so that he can have some of the experiences that he longs for. He has no preference for a mom/dad family, single parent family, or two mom/two dad family, as long as they have time to spend with him. Bakka has said that he would like to continue to live with a family after he turns eighteen. He wants to have a family to spend the holidays with and celebrate special occasions, especially Halloween and Christmas. Most importantly, he just longs for a family who will make him their shining star.

Ryan Imondi