We're moving our headquarters!


It’s with great excitement that we share with you some very big Boys & Girls Aid news.

As you may know, Boys & Girls Aid has several locations where services are provided. Our headquarters is located on the corner of Boundary Court and Corbett Avenue in Southwest Portland. From this building we operate our adoption and foster care services as well as administration. 

We operated out of this building since 1992. Over the years, this building has been good to the agency. We have hosted a school where children in foster care and the juvenile justice system attended. We hold frequent trainings for anyone pursuing adoption. And we host a myriad of events that promote and educate the public on child welfare.

Our adoption and administration teams will move to Capital Plaza on Barbur Boulevard. Our foster care program, will move to Southeast Portland.

As good as the building has been, it is in dire need of repair and we are in dire need of space that better fits our work and services. So in November, after board approval, I put the building on the market for $4.7 million. Knowing this would not be the final selling price due to the deferred maintenance required, it was my hope we would sell the building for $4.3 –$4.5 million. On March 28, 2018, the building closed with a new buyer for $4.4 million. 

There were three reasons for the building sale:

  1. There is a high level of deferred maintenance needed on the building.
  2. The current space is not conducive to serving the number of youth currently in our program, nor is the adoption and administration utilizing the existing space well, and the building is not in compliance will updated ADA standards.
  3. We need to add revenue to our investments to ensure the strength of the agency.

To accommodate better space, services will be separated and moving into two different locations. Both will be leased space. We have secured both sites and will be moving in two phases. 


First, our adoption and administration teams will move to Capital Plaza on Barbur Boulevard. This is only seven minutes from the current building. This location will serve 53 employees and all adoption and foster care trainings. We are planning the relocation of this group no later than June 30, 2018.  The second phase is our foster care program, which serves mostly young boys living in foster care. This will move to Southeast Portland in a neighborhood very close to our residential program for girls. The move will take place no later than September 30, 2018.

We are also conducting a capital campaign to assist with buildout, tenant improvements and new furniture, recreational space, etc. When all is said and done, we will be adding nearly $3.5 million into our investments - more than doubling the portfolio’s current size. This additional revenue will strengthen our agency overall and assist with the security of continued programming.


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Ryan Imondi