Anne & Chris


Dear Birthmother,
We are Anne & Chris.  We can’t imagine how difficult the decisions you are making right now must be, and how much courage and love for your child it takes to consider an adoption plan for them.  We hope that our family book helps you decide if we are a good fit for both of you.

We can’t wait to share our lives and the activities we love with a child – reading and visiting the library, learning to cook (and make a mess, and clean one up!) in our kitchen, going to our local parks for concerts and movies in the summers, visiting the coast, the Willamette Valley, and the Gorge, and having parties with family and friends in our cozy living room in the winter and our beautiful backyard in the summer.  Music, books, exploring Portland and Oregon, visiting family in Northern California, and travel are big parts of our lives, and we want to make them a part of our child’s life too.

As educators, we both value learning and look forward to helping our child explore his or her unique talents and abilities, and finding out what they want to be and do.  We live around the corner from a great neighborhood elementary school, and look forward to walking our child there and becoming involved in its activities and community.

We hope this letter and our family book give you a little bit of a sense of who we are.  If you decide in the end that adoption is right for you and your baby, and that we are the right parents for him or her, we look forward to providing your baby with a loving home, and to helping him or her become the best person he or she can be.  We look forward to meeting you, and thanks for considering us as your baby’s parents.

From Anne

I grew up in Berkeley, California, with my parents and my big sister Katy.  Although I lived in France for two years in my twenties, and moved around the U.S. for graduate school and work – Iowa, Boston, North Carolina – I’ve always been a west coast girl at heart, and always dreamed of moving back to northern California or Oregon to enjoy the lifestyle I love and be closer to family.  I love Portland and know that I want to stay here for the rest of my life!  Most of my family, and my husband Chris’ family, are still in the Bay Area, so we see them a lot on visits south and when they come here (they all love Portland too!).

I work in higher education as a teacher and administrator, and have been working at Portland Community College since 2012.  I love what I do, and I especially love doing it at an institution like PCC which serves the community and offers a fantastic education to all different kinds of folks with all different kinds of backgrounds and interests.  Love of education and learning is one of the things I look forward most to sharing with a child.  On the personal side, I love gardening, music (I play the violin in a local orchestra), books, movies, travel, cooking, and exploring Portland – and those are also things I look forward to sharing with our child or children.

Chris is the person who makes me laugh the most and the one I never get tired of talking with, whether its about politics, music, obscure science fiction TV shows, even more obscure Japanese films, the weird stuff that happened at work today, or the latest food cart we need to try.  I know that he’ll be a great dad.  He has a great sense of humor and knows how to make kids of all ages feel comfortable and listened to; he’s got great patience and is one of the best story-tellers I know! 

While we both work full time, we have a lot of flexibility and very family-friendly employers, and expect that one of us will be home with a young child most days for at least the first year.  We have a lot of friends in town and neighbors with young kids, so we plan to take advantage of that network for support and play dates!  We are both very close to our families, and my parents are especially excited about a new grandchild, and plan to make several extended visits a year here once he or she arrives

From Chris

In a strange twist of fate, Annie and I grew up in the same town, raised by parents who went to the same parties and the same events, who even used the same holiday cabin on occasion (although not at the same time), but we never met. I think I was just enough older and my family traveled just enough that we never crossed paths when we were kids or in school. I was born in Berkeley (an idea Annie stole from me three years later) and lived abroad on and off from the age of 6 months until the end of high school. My folks were teachers, and spent a lot of time teaching and doing research overseas, so I was in a lot of different environments when I was young. It really built in to my life an interest in learning, in helping other people learn, and understanding how the world works, and how it’s put together. I love to explore and discover people and ideas.

This background has made me committed to the idea of education, and to working to help people reach goals, which is why I work in Admissions at PSU. It’s a great place to access higher education, and I am glad to be a part of the process of helping people achieve life-long goals and dreams. Seeing students thrive and grow is a major part of the reward of my work.

It’s also what makes me want to be a parent. Helping and guiding someone small to find a path, and get the most out of their life, holds deep significance for me. I want to be part of that, and to provide opportunities for a special person. I want to make our home a harbor of safety, but also a starting point for a great adventure for a tiny sailor.

I am very close to my brother Nick and my sister Alexandra. They come to visit, we see them every holiday in California, and although they are now in their 20’s, we were tight growing up. They are both in performing arts (Nick does technical theater, Alexandra does make-up for the stage), and are super excited to welcome a niece or nephew. My mom, my dad, and his wife Penny, all live near San Francisco, as does my cousin Rachel and my Aunt Judy. We go down several times a year to see everyone. I also have cousins in Seattle, Los Angeles, and New York City, and we look forward to introducing our baby to all of my extended family.

Annie is awesome. She’s hilarious, compassionate, inclined to be sentimental, and is the smartest person I know. She has a lot of talents – language, music, baking, gardening, among others-but is also serious about her work in education and making a lasting difference in our community here in Portland. She’s also very loving and affectionate, and I know she’ll make a great mom.  I think we make an outstanding team, and would be deeply honored to participate in this journey with you. We recognize this connection is a huge gift and a very serious decision, and hope to provide a safe haven for a child who will be received and held in love. 


Chris & Anne

Ryan Imondi