Annie & Steve


Dear Expectant Birthparent,
Hi and thank you for this opportunity to share ourselves and a little bit about our lives. We are Steve and Annie and we hope to share our values, background, lifestyle and parenting dreams.

We’ve been together for a long while now. We first met in 1984 and reconnected in 2002 as neighbors. Ours was truly a “small town boy/girl next door fall in love” story. Annie delighted in Steve’s devotion to his grandparents and fix-it talents. Steve enjoyed Annie’s spunk and nurturing side. Our independent spirits, strong family ties and humble natures drew us close to one another - a “fit” that came naturally. Over several years our love and appreciation for one another grew deep.

You’ll hear those close to us say that at our wedding, it was clear that best friends married each other. Our wedding in June 2008, was at our home, in our big backyard… during a record hot (105 degrees!) day. Thank goodness for the shade of the large fir trees. We each have one younger sibling, Mike (Annie’s) and Dana (Steve’s) and they performed our ceremony. Many laughs, happy tears, family traditions (including cupcakes) were shared in the circle of friends and “framily”. Maverick, our dog, participated too!

The easiest part of our relationship is being with one another. We spend a lot of time outdoors and on our farm. Road trips are a favorite way for us to explore places, recharge our “batteries” and learn about different cultures to broaden our minds and hearts. Our strong ties to the land, an unlimited capacity to love, and a deep dedication to one another inspire us to grow our family.

We learned a couple of years ago that having children biologically was not in the cards for us. We remained hopeful and trusting, knowing that families are made in all different ways and adoption would be our option. Adoption is not new to us. Annie’s Grandma was adopted. We have friends that were adopted themselves, some made adoption plans as birth parents, and others adopted to grow their families. We see adoption as BOTH loving a child AND extending our family’s circle to a child’s biological family. Simply, we believe that love is unlimited and unbounded by worldly ties and labels.

We want you to know that we are prepared and excited to nurture, love and empower a child, giving her or him (or twins!) the best life we possibly can. Ours is a warm and loving home where we’re super crafty surrounded by an incredible circle of friends and family ready to be playmates, cousins, “aunties” and “uncles”. We have wide, open spaces and parks for play around us and we are able to provide many opportunities for education, activities, hobbies - like we had as kids - that will encourage our child’s development and support their special essence. We (and our 2 furbabies, Maverick the dog and Queen the cat) are thrilled to expand our family through adoption and to grow love!

A special note from Annie

I’ll start by saying that on my father’s side, I am #45 of 48 grandchildren. That’s a big group! Most of these 1st cousins of mine have children and some have grandchildren. We’re a large, happy, loving mix of different shapes, sizes, colors, abilities and personalities. This makes for wonderful and dynamic relationships (and yummy potluck meals!).

Since my early 20’s, I’ve had a “feeling” that adoption would be how I would come to be a mother. Because my Grandma’s adoption story was shared openly with me as a child, I understood adoption as one of the precious ways of being family. My Mom is the world’s biggest believer that if you set your mind to something, you can make it happen. She taught me commitment, humility, faith and tenacity… and how to decorate for Christmas! I learned about integrity and courage from my Dad. He gave the best hugs. My parents believed that learning came from good schooling, mastery of chores and plenty of things to do: dance lessons, art classes, piano lessons, gardening, service projects, crafts, Girl Scouts, bikes, bikes, more bikes, roller skating, building forts, and many pets. I look forward to providing a great education, full of opportunities for self exploration for the best fit and most empowering experiences for our child.

Steve’s quiet confidence in expressing his true self attracted me to him. What you see is what you get with Steve: strong, smart, kind, loyal and steady. The clincher for me was witnessing his unwavering commitment to spend time nearly every weekend helping his Grandpa AJ with his farm, not because Steve was asked, but because it was “just what we do for each other and it’s fun”. His deep dedication to family and amazing mechanical abilities will make him a terrific father. And the toys he’s saved from his childhood, oh my! what fun he and our kiddo will have playing with these! If he were a Care Bear stuffed animal, his name would be “Humble Bear”.

One of the many things I’m excited to do as a mother is a gratitude ritual. We have a bedtime ritual of “3 Greats and 2 Thankfuls” where we share 3 great things that happened in our day and 2 things that we are really thankful for about our lives. These are like prayers to us. I am so excited to share this and many more special, little, sweet traditions with our kiddo.”


A special note from Steve

I am the oldest and I have a close group of cousins too, just not as many as Annie. Growing up, I was close to my sister and two very influential people in my life: my

On my Mom’s side, her step-dad, Grandpa B and I made applesauce together, played baseball, made birdhouses and fixed bicycles. I learned how to “fix things” from him. He was an amazing father-figure as well as an amazing grandparent. On my Dad’s side, Grandpa H, taught me about farming, taking care of buildings and machinery and anything else that needed to be done. I worked on the farm; I played at the farm. I loved every moment of learning from and being around them. I was lucky to share this deep bond. They were honest, say-it-like-it-is types who would let me try new things, learn from fixing my mistakes because it would help me grow. I want to pass on independent thinking, how to problem solve, and the great feeling that comes afterward of satisfaction and accomplishment.

I learned honesty from my Mom and enjoyed the warm and fuzzy bedtime rituals and her pot roasts! My Mom was the emotional part of our family. My Dad brought humor into the house. I learned perseverance from my Mom and it paid off… it took awhile, but I waited for the right woman and got her!

Annie is such a good communicator and incredible planner, dreaming up wonderful adventures for us. I call her the “idea generator”. I love her creative eye and when she dances goofy in the kitchen during dinner-making time. One of her best qualities that will make her a fantastic mom is her genuine interest and caring for other people. She wants the very best for people and moves mountains to help them realize their dreams. She has this stash of books from her childhood and she is so excited to read to our little one. If she were a Care Bear stuffed animal, she’d be “Share Bear” because of her generous spirit.

We’re big on bonding traditions like our annual camping and boating trips. Annie’s family has a large, fun gathering every 4th of July. We do Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas in a big way with friends and family. Adventures are always planned for birthdays and in summer, we participate in our small town’s annual weekend festival of a parade, fun-run, food carts, games, and live music. I’m really excited to share all of these special times with our child.

I am most excited about sharing life’s day to day, fun activities - the little things - that build up over time to form a loving, respectful bond and heaps of memories. I want our child to have a similar experiences that I did growing up - driving tractor, riding bikes, making things, playing with cousins in the park, growing a garden, learning sports. I’m excited to foster creativity and the reward of working with your hands to make stuff.

Through sharing his or her adoption story, I will do all I can to be sure that our child can be proud of who they are and how we came to be family. I grew up in a blended family, blessed with everyone sharing different talents, traditions and traits, and feel this is what makes a family, family.

We know that family bonds are expressed in many vibrant and different ways and that all paths lead to love. We’re excited to expand our circle of love by being parents and to be blessed with the opportunity to be a momma and a daddy and share the fortunate opportunities we’ve been given. Our hearts are open and grateful, filled with hope as we await how our family will grow and the moments of watching, listening, loving and helping a little person grow into the magnificence of who they are meant to be.

We pray that you are feeling hopeful and wish you well in finding the love and support you need along your path in making your best and empowered choices.

Thank you for this moment that has brought us together to share this time. We honor your strength, conviction and courage on your journey. Whether our time together is brief or grows into a lifetime, know that our prayers and best wishes go with you in your adoption planning.

Take good care of your precious self.


With love,

Annie & Steve

Tara Noftsier