Brad & Matt

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Love. It’s the main reason that brings us together today. We know that all you want to do is the most loving thing possible for this unborn child; for him/her to have a loving family and a life full of promise and joy. We want nothing more than to unconditionally love and care for this child and expand our cherished family… And as for this unborn child, well, we already know they’re loved more than words can say, and they will continue to feel that powerful sentiment throughout life. 

A little about us

Brad was born and raised in Montana for all of his childhood.  He comes from a large family with 6 brothers.  Following his graduation from college at the University of Montana, he moved to Portland, Oregon. He currently is working as a Sr. Project Manager for a large energy company, where he has worked for the past 8 years.  Brad is young at heart and loves to laugh, but is very responsible and dependable. Brad most enjoys spending quality time with Matt and Grace.  Traveling to Montana to see his large family and having them visit us in Oregon several times a year is so much fun and we’re constantly looking forward to the next visit.  To him, it’s the little things that are the most special:  eating meals together as a family, reading books to Grace (she loves books, so there’s a lot of reading going on!), going on family strolls through the neighborhood, taking Grace to the park, cuddle-time, and making Grace smile and laugh. There’s no better time than the holidays, as the whole family comes together to laugh, eat, catch-up on the latest happenings, and reminisce about past activities. We look forward to celebrating each holiday and have fun, special traditions to commemorate each one. Brad has a big heart and is very compassionate and concerned for others. Brad’s careful consideration and planning provide a perfect balance to Matt’s spontaneity and confidence.

Matt has lived in Portland, Oregon since birth.  Matt has 1 brother and 2 sisters who live in the Portland area. Matt has been in the telecommunications/tech industry for over 10 years, where he currently is a Manager of a service center. Matt truly has a generous and loving spirit that radiates happiness and joy. The moment he walks into a room, people naturally gravitate towards him and enjoy being in his company. His optimism, humor, and kindness endear him to his many friends and family.Being around Matt, you can’t help but smile! Fortunately, Matt is able to use these wonderful qualities across all aspects of life, including being an amazing husband and father. He provides an endless supply of love, encouragement, support and unity. Fortunately, with our flexible schedules, we have the ability to work from home which ensures that we are able to give as much attention, care and love to a child as possible.

We have a daughter, Grace, who is 2 years old, whom we adopted at birth.  Grace is the light of our lives. The love, warmth, structure, and joy that we’ve built her life around have made her such a sweet, happy, smart, fun, loving, tender-hearted little girl.  For every ounce of pure love we give her, she returns ten-fold. She melts our hearts on a daily basis makes every day so fulfilling and exciting.  More importantly, she truly loves us, looks to us for comfort, protection, sustenance, love, play, validation, cuddles, and laughter. Just a few of the things Grace loves:  cats, “Frozen”, singing, dancing, playing hide-and-seek, reading books, splashing in the bathtub, going to the park, being outside, coloring, and cuddling. 

Having her placed with us from day one as a newborn has been such an incredible, amazing journey and we are very blessed to experience her growing up.  We are very proud of the nurturing, love, structure and support we give to Grace and watching that make such a huge difference in her developing into such an amazing little girl. We have always had an extremely loving, stable, committed, supportive, and warm household. With the addition of our daughter, Grace, all of those attributes have grown exponentially. We have the resources, money, time, affection, love and support, not to mention longing and desire to raise another child.  Grace would also be an amazing sister.  She plays so well with other little kids her age and she absolutely loves babies. Whenever she sees one or even hears one, she’ll excitedly exclaim, “Baby!”

Family is the most important thing in the world to us. Not only our own little immediate family, but our extended family as well: our parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, nephews, nieces, aunts, uncles, etc. In fact Grace already has 19 cousins, 8 of which are within 2 years of age of Grace!  We are so happy that we can give Grace and our future child such a strong sense of family.  To give them that play, love, warmth, support, friendship and bonds that will last for a lifetime.Some of the great things to do throughout the year are to go visit family in Montana and California during the summer.  We go on daily walks through our neighborhood and take Grace to the park and watch her splash in the fountains. In the fall, we play in the leaves, take bike rides around the neighborhoods watching the leaves change color, and get ready for pumpkin carving, pumpkin-spice lattes and Thanksgiving at our house. During the winter we tend to stay near our home, enjoying snow days, the warmth of our fireplace, being nice and cozy inside while reading books and playing games with Grace.  Of course, there is the holiday time (one of our favorite times of year!) where the tree goes up, dressing the house in lights and decorations, and spending time with family.  In the spring, we enjoy returning to the outdoors, splashing in rain puddles, smelling the flowers and welcoming the birds back.

We wanted to close out this letter out by sharing with you one of the songs that has touched our lives (it’s one of our wedding songs) and spoken to us when we were looking to find answers about where we are in this moment in time.  Found in the lyrics from a song by Rascal Flatts called “Bless the Broken Road”—Every long lost dream has led me to where you are, others who broke my heart, they were like northern stars, pointing me on my way into your loving arms, this much I know is true, that God blessed the broken road that led me straight to you. 

These lyrics say so much about every road we take in life.  We all have so many trials, tribulations and uncertainties when it comes to navigating life, and sometimes we have to have faith and courage and forge through the unfamiliar and unknown to find the answers we have been looking for and to ultimately fulfill our destinies. Today you are faced with finding a family that will raise your child in a loving home, that will honor you as a birthparent and will always nurture and encourage the dreams and aspirations of this beautiful child. 

Through open adoption, it is important to us that the child knows their birthparent(s) throughout their life.  The more people who can love this child and positively shape his or her future, the better!  A common thread that we all share in this journey, is that we want the absolute best for this child and are willing to put his or her needs above all else.

No matter where your particular journey takes you, please know that we are genuinely in awe and utter admiration of you for considering adoption.  Such a loving, selfless, caring, yet unfathomably difficult decision truly makes you our hero.  We welcome the opportunity and would be honored to continue on this journey along this road together with you. This is all about love.



Matt, Brad and Grace

Tara Noftsier