Lora & Shae


Dear Birthparent,
We thank you for this beautiful honor and are deeply humbled that you are considering us and getting to know us as a family. 


About us

We have known each other for 25 years, married for 8 years, and through many times of great joy and sorrow, our relationship has only grown stronger.  Our love is genuine and easy but it is our ability to communicate our thoughts and feelings openly towards each other that makes our love indestructible.  A family that truly lives with unconditional love, kindness, support, and encouragement will easily win against ignorance, differences, racism, hate, struggles, and judgements – this is who we are and this is how we will be with our child. 

We love life and try to make the most of it through different adventures and experiences and we are excited to have our child be a part of this.  We want to help our child discover who they are as a person, whether it be in the Continental USA, or during annual trips to visit Shae’s family in Maui, or during one of our trips to a foreign country.  We are a fun, creative, musical, and athletic family.  Shae loves to play the ukulele and we have other instruments on hand as well, including a guitar, a harp, a clarinet, and tons of pots for our child to bang on.  Lora is a former track, soccer, and rugby star and would love to coach our child in any sport.  Shae will be on the sidelines grilling her famous Kalbi ribs for all to enjoy after an event or game.  Our child will also have a fancy treehouse that Shae (who is an Architect) will design and build for our child and his/her friends to explore up in the clouds and play in. 

We love hanging out at home, being outside, and getting dirty.  We are fortunate to live on acreage in SW Washington with our Australian Cattle Dog, Hokunani.  Lora has a 4-H background and we are excited to start our own family farm.  We would love to teach our child how to humanely raise and care for animals while having fun gathering chicken eggs.  We also have many other outdoor activities for our child to explore right in our own backyard – a fresh vegetable garden, canoeing and learning how to cast a fishing pole in the backyard trout pond, camping, roasting marshmallows in the cooking fire pit, and taking walks around the property.  In-house activities will include watching Sunday football or having a movie night, playing board games and chess, doing crafts, learning how to cook and bake, and reading a bedtime story every night. 

Our extended families and close friends are a big part of our lives and are excited to welcome our new addition to our family, many of whom have already volunteered to babysit!  We are also very fortunate that Lora’s parents are our next door neighbors and we know we can always rely on their support and assistance with our child.

From Lora

I was born in California, lived in Virginia and have lived most of my life in Washington.  We were exposed to many different foods, cultures and the outdoors while growing up.  My family and I are very close. I come from a long line of love - my parent’s upcoming 50th anniversary celebration is a testament of enduring love which I have also found with my wife.  I am the proud auntie of my brother’s daughters and have seen them every year since they were born. My family is very supportive and is ready to welcome our child with arms open and heaps of love.  My family loves my wife dearly.  Kids love being around her as she is not afraid to play and have fun.  She has such a gentle heart and gives so freely, never wanting or expecting anything in return.  She is a breath of kindness and will be a wonderful parent.

From Shae

I was born and raised in Maui and I was very fortunate to be exposed to so many different cultures.  The Hawaiian values, importance of family and community, and respect toward others and nature are my core beliefs.  My family, who still lives in Maui, have embraced Lora as one of their own and they cannot wait to welcome our child into their hearts as well.  The Hawaiian and multi-ethnic lifestyle will be a big part of our child’s life and we cannot wait to introduce this lifestyle to our child.  My wife’s strengths are her calm, peaceful, patient and loving demeanor.  She speaks eloquently, especially during uneasy confrontations.  She is very family oriented, which I absolutely love, and is open to anything.  I know she will be the best parent!

There are no words or actions adequate enough to express our feelings of humbleness and gratitude for your consideration in us to be your baby’s parents.  If you do choose us, we promise to continue your act of unconditional love and we will respect you as an important part of our child’s life.  We hope you will have some peace and comfort in our family’s ability in providing the best and loving life for your child. 


Me Ke Aloha Pumehana,

Lora and Shae

Tara Noftsier