Minh & Cristina


We’re Minh and Cristina and thank you in advance for reading this short note to learn some about us. We’re simple, fun, and easy-going couple, who have been married for a little over 12 years now. We love being outside a lot.  So, that means camping, fishing, paddle boarding, kayaking, driving to the coast, going on picnics, and so on. We enjoy doing many of these fun activities with our big supportive family. We also like having lazy Saturdays and enjoy movies at home. We love celebrating family traditions, such as Christmas, as this is a joyful time where everyone gets together for dinner with lots of laughter. 

One day, we decided that it was time to grow our family. For us, adoption is the most meaningful way of realizing parenthood. We’re so excited to welcome our first child!  We’re hoping for openness because we believe this is one of the many ways to show our love for our child. We, however, do respect everyone’s feelings on the intensity of the openness and are open to healthy flexibility. 

We hope your strength, courage, and endurance stay with you, as you decide what you feel the best path for you and your child.


Minh and Cristina

P.S. Please don’t be hesitant to reach out to one of the clinicians at Boys and Girls Aid to see our full letter and book. Thank you.

Tara Noftsier