Nichole & John


Dear Birthparents,

Thank you for taking the time to read our family profile. We can only imagine the emotions that you are experiencing right now; the love that you have for your baby and the strength that you have to share them with a loving family.  What a beautiful beginning this baby will have as you help them on their way to a life of happiness, adventure and love. 

We met 12 years ago through mutual friends, but it wasn’t until a year later that we became a couple.  During that time, we were both living in Los Angeles and had separate plans to move out of Southern California. In the coming months, those separate plans became one plan of moving to Oregon, this is when we became known as Team Hans.  After arriving and getting settled for a couple of years, we decided to get married. On a warm, September day, with our closest friends and family, we were married in our friend’s backyard. Our wedding was followed by a casual reception at the park with a Mexican buffet, a bouncy slide, a simple cake, and many friends. It was a great time!  Over the next few years, we became more involved in our careers as an accountant and a teacher. At this point, we decided to start a family and immediately became pregnant with Xander.

It was a joy to share in being pregnant, as we always assumed that we would make a baby and adopt a baby. After Xander was born in 2012, we pursued the adoption process through the state, knowing that it could take around two years. After a year in the process, we began to feel frustrated with the system and the lack of support that we stopped trying to adopt.  We thought that maybe we should just try to have another baby because we really want Xander to have a brother or sister.  Unfortunately, we ended up miscarrying twice.  After so much grief, we talked about it and decided to go back to our original plan, which we had always wanted, and began the adoption process again.  We have never been more committed to adopting than we are now. We have been through many tough times together, and believe that marriage is a job and that we must work at it all the time. It has been 12 years consisting of careers, school, adventures, parenting, laughing and love that we have shared together.  We look forward to adding another little person to our family to share in these moments and be a part of our family. 

Our Family and Friends

We are very close with our families and have friends all over the country. Only a few minutes from our house live John’s parents and Nicole’s mom. Xander spends at least one day in their care a week so he can have special time with them.  He often also has sleepovers at their house so that we can have a date night together.  As for our friends, though many of them live elsewhere, we have some wonderful friends and their families who we like to spend time with. We do a beach trip each year with our friends who have a son and daughter and love Xander. Collectively, we have 5 sisters. John’s two older sister’s live in Southern California, and we don’t seem them often. His younger sister goes to school in Washington and we see her throughout the year.  Nicole’s sisters live in Central California and New York.  We seem them both once a year, but do a lot of Face Time and Skype with them. Xander is very connected to them even though he is so far away. Xander currently has two cousins, with two more on the way on Nicole’s side and eight cousins on John’s side, though most of them are high school or older. 

Our Home

We just moved into our forever home two years ago.  It has everything we need and more and we are happy to be here.  We live on a cul de sac and have the most wonderful neighbors. There are many other families and small children that live close by and we do many activities as a neighborhood. Two years ago, we started a Fourth of July block party, which has started a get together for most holidays. Last year, we had an ornament exchange party, the year before a New Year’s party, we will have an Easter egg hunt this year, and anytime it snows and we are stuck at home, everyone comes to our house to be together. We are so lucky to have found such a great community to raise a family.
In the summer, Xander goes on many adventures with Nicole to the new library, community pool, the many parks in our area and the zoo. They also enjoy the Children’s museum, OMSI, the splash parks, the nickel arcade and feeding the sheep in our neighborhood. 

Nicole about John

John grew up in Southern California with his three sisters. After high school, he attended Cal Poly Pomona, where he received his bachelor’s degree in accounting.  He has worked in this field for the last 18 years.  He currently works at a small import/export lumber company as a Controller.  When he is not working, John loves spending time with his family, catching up on the latest movies, watching baseball and dreaming up our next family vacation. 

John is the best partner, and we are truly a team. We have many opposite ideas and views when it comes to life, but they allow us to live a balanced life together.  He is a great provider for our family and is always coming up with ideas of how to make our lives easier, more fun and overall better.  He is also a great father to Xander. They play all kinds of silly games together, are always building something and he is constantly making Xander laugh. 

John about Nicole

Nicole grew up in Central California with her two sisters. After high school, she graduated from Cal State L.A. with her bachelor’s in Liberal Studies. Following this, she briefly pursued a career in job recruitment before returning to school at Portland State and getting her Masters of Education to become a teacher.  She has been teaching for over five years and is now attending school to get her Administrative License, which will enable her to be a principal in the coming years. 

I have come to realize that Nicole sees life as an opportunity to learn, and cannot wait to share all her knowledge with others. She is passionate about helping others, especially family and friends, and often gives all of her time and energy to anyone she feels may need a hand. She is an incredibly loving mother, and it is fun to watch “Mommy and Xander time.” This could include snuggling on the couch, or reading about the human body (his new favorite subject), before bed. The best part of this is when they are winding down and they both have huge smiles on their faces from their special one-on-one time.  Nicole is an amazing person who finds a way to be a wife, mother, sister, friend, teacher, and mentor all at the same time, and I cannot imagine my life without her

About Xander

Xander is such an amazing child.  He brings us joy and keeps us on our toes at all times.  He has a kind heart and has wanted a brother or sister for at least the last year, to the point where he practices being a big brother with the babies at his daycare.  Xander is a curious child, who asks questions about everything around him and loves learning.  We go to the library often and he loves reading books together in his reading corner.  He is also very musical and we make up songs to learn about things like opposites, colors, and how to spell his name.  He also loves to dance and is quite good considering he has only ever taken one dance class. 


After reading this, we hope that you now have a sense of who we are as a family.  As this process moves forward, we hope to stay connected to the birth parents and/or birth family.  We understand that you may have your own wishes and needs over time and we hope to support those to the best of our abilities.  We are also looking forward to sharing the baby’s special story with them as they grow up and learn about us, as well you.  We feel it is important for this child to understand your roots as well as ours as he or she develops their own identity in their lifetime.  Thank you for taking the time to read our letter and best wishes to you.  We hope we are able to meet with you soon.

John and Nicole Hans

Ryan Imondi