Robert & Theresa


Thanks for reading our letter. Our names are Theresa and Robert, and we want you to know how excited we are to be considered as adoptive parents for your baby. We admire your courage for choosing this path for your daughter, and we hope that we can be a part of the decision to do what is best for her. Next, we’d like to tell you a little bit about ourselves.

How we met each other

Theresa is from Maryland and Robert is from California, so it wasn’t likely that we were ever going to bump into each other, but fate (and furniture) brought us together.  In 2000, we met at a furniture trade show in North Carolina, and quickly became friends (our first “date” was an after-hours bowling tournament where Robert impressed Theresa with his mad bowling skills!). However, life took us in different directions for the next few years. Theresa went off to college in Georgia, and Robert moved to China briefly (for work), before he came back to the States and settled down again. In 2006, we found each other once more when Theresa moved to Florida - the same state that Robert had settled in.  It was Fate again! This time, without the aid of any bowling skills, Robert determined that he wasn’t going to let Theresa get away again, and in late 2008, he proposed to her on the Eiffel Tower while on vacation in Paris. The next year, we got married in New Orleans.  We have moved all over for a few years before settling down in Portland to start a company, buy a house and begin a family.

Now we are very lucky to live in big old house on the eastside of Portland with a huge back yard, and French bulldog.  We live in a great neighborhood, with lots of parks, some great schools, and only 15 minutes away from public transportation.

Our marriage is based on our friendship, love, honesty, and a deep commitment to each other.


I grew up in Maryland, although I did briefly live in South American (in Columbia) as a child. I was raised in a big loving family, with four siblings (two older sisters, a twin sister, and a little brother!).  My twin sister and I are very close and we talk and visit (and Skype) frequently. I have always been interested in the Arts, and I followed my passion to college and received a degree in Fine Arts (focusing on fiber arts).  I love to sew and knit!  For several years after college, I showed my artwork in galleries and museums all over America, before starting a company with my husband.  I love to exercise, and I am a certified trainer for several different exercise programs (although I don’t teach anymore). After moving to Portland, my husband and I began our company and now, the only exercising I do is to counterbalance Robert’s great cooking!.  My twin sister, who has a baby girl (named Alice), and I talk/text/email nearly everyday, and I can’t wait to introduce little Alice to her newest cousin. 

Working everyday with my husband has been lots of fun, and watching his excitement for product design, has taught me a lot about solving problems with innovation and creativity. I know that he will be a great father and that our daughter will be inspired by his great creative imagination.


I was raised in Southern California, and I’m the oldest of three children.  Growing up, I was a Boy Scout, a youth leader in my church, and one of the stars of my high school Art department.  After graduating from high school, I studied cooking at the Culinary Institute of America (before deciding that I didn’t like working in restaurants), and went on to work for various retail and wholesale companies. Eventually, I became a product designer, and began designing furniture, and home accessories for various companies. Now, Theresa and I have started our own company and we work closely together everyday making our own dreams come true. Living and working together with my wife has been a great experience, and I have learned that not only is Theresa a loving wife, but she’s is also a great creative collaborator and company organizer.

I do most of the design at our company, but Theresa runs the operations and manages all of our employees.  If she can keep our crazy lives organized and on track, then I’m sure she will be a fantastic mother!

Our lives now

As potential parents, we know that it will take all our focus, love and creativity to raise a child, and we are looking forward to sharing everything we have with the newest little member of our family.  We say, “Bring it on!” Before starting our own company, we both struggled at times to make a steady living.  There wasn’t always work for fine artists or product designers.  We had to work very hard, and make the most of every opportunity that came our way.  Starting our own small business has been a great success for us, and it has allowed us to live the life we have always dreamed of.  Now, we have a growing business, our own home, and time to devote to raising a daughter.  As a couple, we work together as a team.  As artists, we collaborate and create solutions nearly everyday in our business.  Having our own design and import business has given us the freedom and flexibility to set our own schedules – and we love it. 

Hobbies and Free Time

On the weekends we both love to explore the countryside around Portland - driving up the gorge for a hike, or going to the coast for a picnic.  On those weekends when the weather doesn’t let us outdoors much, we like trying new restaurants (we love spicy food!), or watching movies (Robert enjoys action films).  Every winter we like to go on vacation to someplace far away (and warm!). Last year we went to Africa to experience something totally different – and we loved it!  Robert indulges his love of cooking by trying to learn a recipe from everywhere he has visited, and Theresa likes to collect textiles and handicrafts from every place she has visited.  Exploring new cultures, making new friends from around the country, and trying new food from around the world, is something we plan on continuing to do with our daughter in the future.

When Theresa has time off, she loves to hunt through thrift shops and flea markets for cool clothes (she loves a good bargain!).  When he’s not working, Robert likes to read fantasy novels or work in the garden.  With our daughter, we look forward to sharing our love of reading books, exploring the parks around our neighborhood and having picnics in our garden. 

Our family in the future

We hope very much that you will continue to be involved with your little girl as she grows up.  We know that you have your own life, and that your situation may change over time.  We will do our utmost to stay in contact with you and make sure that you are happy with our relationship.  We have both have had friends who were adopted, and we have always considered adoption to be a wonderful thing.  Both our families are very supportive and excited by the idea of us adopting a little girl, and are can’t wait to meet her.

Thank you again for considering us as potential parents for your little girl.  We can’t wait to share the love and creativity of our home with the newest little member of our family.  We know that this is one of the most important decisions you will ever have to make.  If you think that we are the right couple for your baby, then know that your baby girl will grow up in a family surrounded by love, good food, lots of books, and two parents who will go to the moon and back to raise their daughter.



Theresa & Robert

Tara Noftsier