Amy & Darren


Hello! Thanks for taking a little time to get to know us. We are Amy and Darren. We met 13 years ago in college where we were both studying photography. We moved to NYC after school where we worked and fell in love. After a couple of years in the city, Darren had a job opportunity that brought us to Portland, and it’s here that we have found our true home and best friends. Darren works in advertising and I work as a commercial photographer. We live in a great neighborhood in Portland proper with our three dogs Milo, Remy, and Mae and love spending time together going to Blazers games, camping in the summer, and going to the beach in the winter. Darren is a man of a million hobbies from riding motorcycles and building furniture to learning new coding languages so he can make robots.

I am an avid Equestrian who loves to compete and have a horse names Nick who is a sweet old man. I also love to sew, play the piano, and am kind of a closet dork who is totally into Harry Potter, Star Trek, and Star Wars. Besides our hobbies we love to spend time with our Portland family made up of several close friends and their kids. We are also very close with our families and even though they live on the other side of the country, we see them several times a year. Between our Portland family and our families back east, we have a huge support network who are all very excited and supportive of our plan to adopt.

Above all, we are excited to be parents and share our lives with a child. (or two!) After several years of trying unsuccessfully to have kids and after multiple fertility treatments, it became clear that the universe was pointing us in a different direction. That’s how we came to adoption as a way to hopefully grow our family. We hope to share our love of all things creative with a kiddo one day and are committed to helping them become a confident individual and supporting them in their dreams whatever they may be. We would also love to have an open adoption because we feel like the more people to love a child the better. Thank you again for taking a moment to consider us. We hope that you are getting all the love and support you need.


Best Wishes,


Amy & Darren

Tara Noftsier