Eva & Shay


Dear Birth Mother,
Thank you for being interested in learning a bit more about our lives and loves. We’re Shay and Eva, and our life is centered around our family, friends, work and our doggie, Max!

We met during medical school and quickly became friends. Our first day together was an early morning hike in the Columbia Gorge and soon after, we were inseparable. Whether buckling down in our studies or having cross country road trip adventures, we’ve always been able to appreciate each other and make each other laugh. We feel blessed to have a relationship where we can both be silly and sensitive.

After over a decade of friendship and marriage, learning we couldn’t have a child together was still a challenge. Thankfully, our years of mutual support and shared vision lead us to adoption. We both grew up in big, close knit families so we’re committed to creating a home based on spending time together and celebrating each other. We’re looking forward to sharing our hobbies, nurturing a child’s interests, and creating memories together and with our extended families.

We live in a quiet Portland neighborhood within walking distance of our medical practice and the park where we take our dog Max for walks. Our home is welcoming, colorful and cozy. With room for family and friends, a dining room table handmade by Shay. In our back yard we have raspberries and fruit trees that we use to make pies and jams; our friends and family and their kids love it!

This process has blessed us with many opportunities to reflect on our values and the needs of a young person. We want to empower a child with knowing their adoption story, so that they can feel secure to be their whole selves.

Ultimately, we want a child to know that there are many adults in their lives who love them and want the best for them, and that we feel like everything happens for a reason. We’re excited for what this journey holds for all of us!

Wishing you all the best,

Eva and Shay

Tara Noftsier