Frances & David

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Hello!  We are David and Frances.  We met on a blind date 10 years ago and have been married for over 7 years.  Our life is full of fun and community, and yet it’s missing something we both yearn for: a bigger family!  We’ve experienced years of sadness due to infertility.  We’re looking forward to expanding our family through open adoption, knowing it’s rewarding and full of family and love.   

We have called Portland our home for over 12 years.  We have a wonderful life in Portland and enjoy outdoor adventures, hosting backyard BBQs, listening to music, watching sports, hanging out with our friends and their children, and walking our dog Rose to the beautiful park in our neighborhood.  Our extended family live on the west and east coasts; visiting family and being with our parents is very important and lots of fun!  David works in mechanical engineering and Frances is in social services, focused on youth work and anti-hunger programs in schools.    

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About David: 

David loves cooking, science fiction books, card games, and any water sports.  David switched careers (he used to be a cook) and went through 5 years of college as an adult to become an engineer.  Our friends’ kids enjoy David because he’s playful, energetic, and a great coach.  He’ll make delicious baby food, and will be an engaged and nerdy -in a good way- dad!   

About Frances: 

Frances is organized, loves to plan adventures, loves to read, and is a caring person. She’s gentle and compassionate. Frances will provide an environment in which our child can be themselves as they grow up, and learn about life through books, museum trips, family sports, and hiking.  Frances has worked with youth for so long and will be a great mom!  

Thanks for considering us.  We are excited about parenthood and about getting to know you! 

All our best, 

Frances & David 


Tara Noftsier