Boys & Girls Aid Foster Care Programs

Boys & Girls Aid has a number of foster care programs designed to help kids heal from past trauma and get them to a better place. 

Stabilization Transition and Evaluation Program (STEP)

The Stabilization, Transition and Evaluation Program (STEP) is an assessment program for youth referred to Boys & Girls Aid by the juvenile justice system. This community-based alternative to detention creates a unique opportunity for youth to get the support and services to succeed academically and socially. The program provides positive learning opportunities, case management, and wraparound support while youth plan to transition back home with new skills and resources that can help them positively move forward. Staff members and foster parents work collaboratively to create an environment that encourages youth to set goals and make positive choices for their lives.

Program specifics

  • Male-identifying youth, ages 10–18

  • Length of Stay: 1–90 days, with most placements lasting 30–90 days


Seneca, our programming space in SE Portland, houses and serves female-identifying youth ages 12+ who are living in the state foster care system. They are in need of a higher level of support than traditional foster care, having experienced highly distressing events, extended involvement in the foster care system and multiple foster moves. Boys & Girls Aid staff provide support and connections for you and the youth through training and expertise. As a foster parent, you will provide the youth in your home support, guidance and love

Program specifics

  • Female-identifying youth, ages 12–21

  • Length of Stay: 9 months–2 years

The Neighborhood

The Neighborhood serves youth ages 12–18 who are in Therapeutic Foster Care. These youth are in need of more support and guidance than regular foster care. Many of these youth have had extended involvement within the foster system, have had little stability and have experienced high-levels of trauma. These experiences affect a youth’s social and emotional behaviors as well as their trust in adults. Youth in Therapeutic Foster Care often have very few community connections. The Neighborhood creates a support network that mimics an extended family network developed to meet the complex needs of our youth. Foster families are valued and supported, and youth are at the center of a community network whose goal is to help them flourish!

Program specifics

  • Male-identifying youth, ages 12–21

  • Length of Stay: 9 months–2 years

The Nest

The Nest serves children 4-10 years old who come from challenging living situations and extremely traumatic experiences. They have complex needs that require well-trained and supportive foster parents. The Nest program offers around the clock professional support tailored to meet the foster family and child’s needs and help both parents and child succeed. Many of the children in the program can attend preschool or school, but some may require alternative academic settings like special education classrooms. This program requires flexibility, patience, and experience, but the rewards are outstanding. Most children return to their parents or are adopted.

Program specifics

  • Male, female and non-binary youth, ages 4-10

  • Length of Stay: 0-9 months

Relief Care

With relief care, you provide care for foster kids on a temporary basis – just a day or two at a time. Relief Parents support full-time foster parents, giving them time off when they need it and helping to ensure Oregon's foster kids receive the best possible care. Relief Parents can also provide care for a kid who is waiting for a local agency to find a longer-term home.

Relief Care is a way to make a difference in the lives of young people, with a lower commitment than full-time fostering.

Program specifics

  • Male, female and non-binary youth of all ages, served across all of our programs

  • Length of Stay: One night to several weeks


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