Focusing on the long-term

As a foster parent, you will provide more than just a place to stay. Your home may be the first place a child has felt safe in a long time. Children in foster care have experienced abuse, neglect and uncertainty. Boys & Girls Aid serves children and young adults between the ages of 4-21 years old. You will give them:


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A focus on long-term stability

Children in foster care have felt abandoned by adults. You will help them feel like they belong somewhere.


Innovative programming

Children in foster care have been in unsafe environments for most of their lives. You will be a part of programming that focuses on rebuilding trust in adults.

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Tools, training and ongoing support

Children in foster care are behind in many critical areas of school and life. You will help them thrive.


We are here to support you

We believe in our foster parents and we want them to succeed in every way. We offer training, support and paid time off to ensure youth are placed with the best possible foster parents. As a foster parent, you will receive:

  • Extensive training on how to be successful as a foster parent and understand the needs of children in foster care

  • 24 hour support to answer questions, provide guidance and assist with emergencies so foster parents never feel alone

  • A community of other like-minded foster parents where people can share ideas, advice and expertise with one another

Learn more about our specific foster care programs.



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Tuesday, June 4th, 6:00-7:00 PM
Boys & Girls Aid Headquarters
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Boys & Girls Aid Holgate Location
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