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Every child deserves a family.

More than 8,000 children in Oregon live in foster care. We are committed to ensuring every child grows up with a family of their own.


We're working to end the cycle of foster care.

Children in foster care will move more than four times in one year. This leads to instability in school and life.


We believe in family.

Boys & Girls Aid is committed to ensuring children exit the foster care system to loving, stable families.

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15 homes in 11 years.

Over an 11 year period, Alex moved 15 times in foster care. That cycle stopped when he found a family through Boys & Girls Aid.


Help us ensure all children have families.


Your support will help Boys & Girls Aid find lifelong connections for all children. Stopping the cycle of abuse and neglect is a worthy investment


Our services support children,
youth and young adults in finding permanency

Adoption, Foster Care, Shelter & Housing, Pregnancy Counseling