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Our Programs

Building lifelong connections


Adopt from Foster Care

More than 8,000 children in Oregon are living without a permanent family. Start your family through foster care adoption.


Adopt An Infant

Build the bond of family with a newborn in need of a lifelong connection.


Infant Adoption

The majority of the children in the infant adoption program are newborns. All of the children, regardless of their age or background, need a permanent, loving home in which to grow up.


Foster Care

Provide a temporary home for children while we seek out a permanent solution.


Get the Training You Need

Attend one of our comprehensive trainings to receive the skills and experience to be an amazing adoptive or foster family. From quarterly Foundations Trainings to trainings on attachment, we have the resources you need.



Find a training that works for you and your family.


Make An Adoption Plan

Learn more about choosing an adoptive family for your child.

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Are You Pregnant?

Get more information on the options available to you.


Pregnancy Support

It is important to have accurate information when you are making a decision around an unplanned pregnancy. This is a personal decision that only you know what is best for you. We are here to support you and ensure you know all of your options.


Shelter for Youth.

Housing for youth who are homeless or have run away from an unsafe environment.


Foster Programs

Boys & Girls Aid has a number of innovative programs designed to support children and teens in Oregon's foster care system. Learn more about the programs we offer and how they connect children in foster care with supportive, loving adults.


Looking for Foster Services?

Program information for foster parents and caseworkers.


Support these crucial services.

Creating a better future for all children in Oregon by making a tax-dedecutible gift to Boys & Girls Aid.