At 2:19 AM on July 27th, John and Kayla Eichelberger got the call they had been waiting for. Within minutes they were out the door and on the way to the hospital for the birth of their son, Finnley. Of course, they had been ready for this moment for months. Their birth mother, Brittany, had been with them from the start. Having spent many weekends together and attending every ultrasound and doctor appointment, the three had built a strong relationship throughout the pregnancy. 

Kayla and John had been trying to adopt an infant for years. After many empty hopes and heartbreaks, they received a confirmation from their counselor that they’d been chosen once again. However, this time, they had been the only couple chosen.

Starting with their first match meeting, Brittany, Kayla and John were 110% honest and up front with one another. When Brittany first decided to place her baby, she did not want an open adoption. As a mother of two children, she thought it best to remain open in order for the three siblings to build a relationship together in the future, but she was unsure on openness for herself. Quickly after meeting, this changed. The connection was so instant, so strong, that they all knew open adoption was meant to be. They became inseparable, building love, trust and in the end, a family.

On the day Finnley arrived, they celebrated together. Brittany’s two children, Koda and Amirah, were in awe of their baby brother. In a heartwarming moment, the two siblings sat together, holding him and loving him completely. As a family, they will never forget that special memory. Finnley’s birth was an affirmation of the new family they had created together—One of a child, parents, birth mother, and siblings. Now, they lovingly refer to themselves as the “tribe.” 


As a tribe, they look forward to the years ahead and the memories they will make together. With a backbone of endless support, security and love, they know there are no limits to how they can excel as a family unit. For John and Kayla, the privilege of being parents has meant the world. As Finnley grows, they hope to provide him with the best life possible, raising him with good morals and a deep respect for others. Most importantly, they want him to know that they will always be there for him, in whatever he decides to do. 

For others considering infant adoption, Kayla offers advice.

Every second of waiting, hurt, sadness…every emotion you may feel while waiting will be worth it. In fact, we don’t even think about those last three years. Adoption is love!

Ryan Imondi