A commitment to preventing homelessness

Boys & Girls Aid offers two programs focused on preventing the cycle of children experiencing abuse and neglect from becoming house-less or homeless. If you, or someone you know, is in a situation where there are at-risk of housing instability, we are here to help. Our Safe Place Shelter for Homeless and Runaway Youth is a 24/7 drop-in shelter where youth can access essential services while longer-term housing is found. When longer-term housing isn't possible, our Transitional Living Program provides housing and support for up to two years.


Safe Place for Homeless and Runaway Youth

Safe Place serves youth in Washington County, ages 12 through 19, who are in need of a place to stay and help from our trained staff. Youth may be experiencing homelessness or are at risk of becoming homeless because of instability or conflict in their homes. Youth come to Safe Place in a variety of ways. They may self-refer and simply show up—we provide 24/7 access for these youth. Youth are also referred to us by government agencies, homeless youth providers, families, community members, and law enforcement officials.

For some youth, Safe Place isn’t the right fit. Safe Place does not serve youth who are impaired from using drugs or alcohol, are unable to get along in a group setting, are suicidal, or are in need of crisis mental health treatment or medical care that we cannot provide. When these youth come to Safe Place, our staff carefully connect them with agencies and resources that are better able to meet their needs.


Contact Information

Safe Place for Homeless and Runaway Youth
454 SE Washington Street
Hillsboro, OR 97123

Call us at 503.542.2717 or 503.542.2389

Walk-ins are always welcome


Transitional Living Program

We believe every youth deserves a place to call home. We support them in the Transitional Living Program. This program provides:


  • Up to four years in a furnished apartment in central Beaverton 


  • Help advancing in education and employment  

  • Tri-Met passes 

  • Financial assistance with health expenses, education, household and personal items 

  • Skills for being self-sufficient and building healthy relationships 


  • Youth ages 16 through 23 

  • Currently or at risk of experiencing homelessness  

  • Working or attending school 

  • Can participate in weekly check ins  

  • Able to pass a drug test 

Does this sound like a program that will fit your needs?  Contact us for more information.



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