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Considering Infant Adoption for your Child?


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How it works

The process

  • We can work with you during any point of pregnancy or delivery

  • All services are complimentary (free)

  • You do not need to come to our location; we can come to you

  • You will be connected to a clinician who will walk with you through the process

  • The process involves completing some initial paperwork, choosing a family, and creating an openness plan for you/your child

  • We will continue to support you after the adoption placement

  • Financial services are available

    You are in control

  • You get to choose the adoptive family

  • You get to choose the level of openness you’d like with your child in the future – visits, picture/letter updates, social media, etc

  • You get to create your hospital birth plan (how much contact you want with baby, breastfeed/bottle feed, who cuts the umbilical cord, etc)

  • You get to name your child

    If you choose us

  • We will respect your needs and privacy throughout the process

  • Information you share will be held in confidence as we help you make an adoption plan

  • Our clinicians will work with you to determine what services we offer will best fit your needs (financial, counseling, support, transportation to doctor appointments, etc)

  • Adoptive families who enter into our adoption program are thoroughly screened and assessed for safety

  • Families are also committed to openness


  • Must be located in Oregon or Washington

  • All services are complimentary (free)

  • Individuals of any race, ethnicity, religion, marital status, gender identity or sexual orientation in Oregon or Washington are welcome

  • Birth father involvement is encouraged, but usually not required to create an adoption plan – please speak to your counselor about your specific situation

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We're ready to listen

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