Post-adoption support


Boys & Girls Aid provides a full array of post adoption services for adoptions made through our agency. Collecting information about your adoption can be an emotional process. Before you begin, we suggest you consider checking out some of these suggested reading materials.

Volunteer Registry

Our registry helps people exchange identifying information with another person involved in a particular adoption. The Volunteer Registry is a legal affidavit and the fee is $45. 

Non-Identifying Information

This term is the name of a report that has information about the birth process, birthparents, and family members of the birthparents that does NOT include names, addresses, or phone numbers. It may contain social history, physical descriptions and some genetic/medical background. The fee is $100. 

Assisted Search

Under certain circumstances, we can perform a search to locate, contact, and inform the person(s) being sought with the request for exchange of identifying information. We make the initial contact with the client and facilitate a reunion if the person(s) being sought agree(s) to sign the Volunteer Registry. The fee is $400. 

Note: All applications and checks must be mailed with the appropriate documents per regulations and notarized if required. Please mark in the memo section of your check what services you are requesting




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