The day Noah became golden


Noah was removed from his home after neighbors noticed he was experiencing abuse and neglect. At the young age of 1 he entered the foster care system.

Each year, hundreds of children enter foster care. They bounce from home to home, and with each move, lose trust in adults. They may act out of frustration, and as a result, are forced to move again. This cycle often continues until age 18. Children who age-out of the foster care system, without a family by their side, face higher rates of homeless and incarceration. 

He accepted us as his family from the second he saw us. It was magic
— Ashleigh
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Like all children entering foster care, Noah was at-risk of this becoming his future. Fortunately we connected Noah with the right family for him, and by the time Noah turned 4, he was connected with Ashleigh and Owen.

In a family of his own, Noah is receiving the support he needs to grow into a happy and healthy child. Whether it’s taking him to therapy appointments or going out on family outings, he now has two parents who aren’t going to give up on him and are invested in his future.

"The day had finally come for us to meet him. We went to his foster parent's house and there he was. He stopped dead in his tracks and smiled. “You’re now my parents!”. He accepted us as his family from the second he saw us. It was magic," Ashleigh said.

As is expected, he went through some challenges as he adjusted into his new life. Some days felt like a roller coaster. He got kicked out of two day care centers, so we had to take extra time off work to looks after him.

Things settled down eventually, so we went to Disneyland to go on a real life roller coaster (much more fun).

Noah is full of life and energy. He was the missing puzzle piece, and is the light of our life. We are so grateful to be apart of his adventure, and for him to be apart of ours."

This is the type of permanent and loving support we want for every child. With Ashleigh and Owen by his side, Noah is ready to take on the world.


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