Isabella donates her birthday to children in foster care


A loving and caring girl who wants to make a difference, Isabella decided to donate her birthday to children in foster care. 

When it came time for Isabella to celebrate her 12th birthday this year, she decided that she did not want gifts. She doesn’t enjoy opening presents in front of people, and she feels that there is nothing that she really wants or needs. When this thoughtful young girl approached her mom with the idea of donating to someone in need in lieu of gifts, they began brainstorming who they could help.

Isabella’s mom, Sarah Perez, has learned about the challenges local kids in foster care face through her college professors. Youth in foster care often struggle in school due to multiple moves and stress in their home lives. When her mom told her about foster youth, Isabella decided to them because she felt kids in foster care were not living the life they wanted. 

Since her birthday lands in September, Isabella decided that she would ask for school supplies and give them to youth in foster care. She looks forward to back to school shopping each year, and she doesn’t think that anyone should be left out just because they’re in foster care. She hopes the school supplies will make kids in foster care feel better prepared for the school year.

Isabella’s friends and family members were very generous with their support of her birthday wish, and she and her mom stopped by Boys & Girls Aid this week to donate a box full of notebooks, calculators and pens. These items will make a huge difference for local youth in foster care.

Thank you, Isabella!


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