The Spindler family adopts from foster care a second time


After adopting their daughter Summer from foster care in 2013, Dan and Rachelle Spindler were ready to open their home to another child living without a family. This child was Justin.

At the age of 8, Justin had been in foster care twice. He entered care at birth and lived in a foster home for almost three years. After returning to his birth father at age 3, Justin reentered foster care four years later. This time, there were no family members left to support Justin. 

The Spindlers were the perfect family for Justin. In the Spindlers, Justin gained a loving family who went on walks together and held a weekly pizza and movie night. With Justin, the Spindlers gained a son, and Summer a brother, who is energetic and active and loves giving hugs. 


Their first year as a family has been full of firsts. The family went to Disneyland and Legoland for their first vacation together. Justin got to play on his first football team with his team winning the league championship. He also got to attend his first NFL football game where he watched Colin Kaepernik (who was also adopted) and his favorite team, the San Francisco 49ers, play his dad’s favorite team, the Baltimore Ravens.

Justin’s love of sports was celebrated on the day his adoption finalized. Occurring the day after the Super Bowl, the Spindlers asked family and friends attending the finalization ceremony to wear their favorite sports team. Supporting Justin, the Spindlers wore the light blue shirts of his football team the Spartans.


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