The Gift of Fostering


Aprilla is one of our amazing foster parents, she has been fostering children since 2013. She was born to help other thrive and she provides stability and unconditional love to children in foster care. She decided to share her beautiful story with us.

What first interested me about foster care was my natural tendency and need to help others. Secondly, I ran across information regarding the Boys & Girls Aid and decided that their mission stood out and I wanted to become familiar with the programs they had, which I did and I have been with the program for quite some time now. I am aware that there are families who need reunification and are need of people like myself to help make that happen. If I can help a child and possibly even help a parent to reach goals and to get the help they need in order for their families to be reunited, then I am happy to do so. I am bothered by the thought of broken families and I am consumed with the desire to help those in need. I can foresee myself fostering for years to come.

The greatest gift I could give to a foster child would be a safe, loving and stable home surrounded by individuals who truly care and who are dedicated to helping the child and making lifelong positive memories with them.

I have had many memorable experiences as a foster parent, but my most memorable is about a child who resided within my home a little less than a year. She grew increasingly close to my family even after her departure. Her memories of us were very positive and she requested that she be returned to our home from her biological parents’ home. The request was denied due to that she needed to be with her biological parents and ultimately, it was not possible for her to return once graduating successfully from the program, etc. The child has stayed in contact with my family and she will forever be in our hearts, minds and memories.

Please foster parents, do not give up so quickly (or at all) on foster children who are placed in your home.
— Aprilla

At the end of a hard day, what keeps me going is knowing that I have done God’s work and knowing that I have done His work well. I believe that all persons are placed on this earth for a reason and one of the reasons I am placed here is to help others. I have been blessed with a great life and I am happy to share my life with others and help to build others up, so they can succeed and be in happy in life as well. Please foster parents, do not give up so quickly (or at all) on foster children who are placed in your home. If the moment arises where you are having difficulties with the child, please communicate your concerns with the agency, therapist, case worker, etc. It is not good to overwhelm yourself, so please do not take on too much at a time. Using relief care is beneficial to foster parents, so please use that free time when you feel you are in need of a break. Communicate with your own children that you do not love or care for them any less and share the reasons with them on why you are fostering and inspire them to help others; whether it be fostering in their future or opening up a homeless shelter or ministering to people, etc. Lastly, it is always good to advocate for yourself and for the rights of the foster child. Speak up and request things that may be needed that perhaps you and the child are not receiving; whether it be services, sibling togetherness, etc. I truly believe if you foster that you will walk away with more meaning in your life as well as great stories and forever-memories.



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